web design & development

PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS, VB.NET, Java, Python, and more.
Including experience with systems such as WordPress, Foundation, Bootstrap, Codeigniter & Zend.

I am a web designer & developer currently available for hire.

Lead web designer for all three of the APCOM© Recirculation Pump websites for consumers, distributors and contractors.


CoinTrailing started as a personal project to help teach myself Python. The trading itself was performed using the Binance API with Python, while the website backend was made with PHP & CodeIgniter.


Original design created by Tennessee Tech, I have revamped and updated the website to use Wordpress.

Power of Putnam

Created for a gaming community after the game was discontinued by the U.S. Army. This website uses a template provided by the customer.



Please give a detailed description of the work you are contacting me about.